Welcome to Legal Waypoints

Welcome to Legal Waypoints

Thank you for checking out the blog feature of my newly designed website – Legal Waypoints. I hope you will find this blog a place to seek out fresh legal information and tools that you can put to use in your day to day business operations or just for your own professional interest.

Why the name “Legal Waypoints”?

A waypoint is a set of coordinates that define a physical place in space. In two dimensions these are coordinates of longitude and latitude. When we describe waypoints used by aircraft we add the third dimension of altitude. In either case, a waypoint can be a destination, a designated point along a route to a destination, or a point of reference generally used in navigation but not necessarily on the route itself. Thus it is with “Legal Waypoints”. Think of them as items of information that help us navigate the complex and often confusing legal landscape that we all function in day in and day out. My hope is that the topics and tools provided in this blog will serve you well in the journeys to your destinations.


Steve Pazar

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