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Contracts &
Technology Agreements

Having a working set of commercial terms and conditions and related documents is essential in today’s business world. Drafting standard forms is as much an art as a science. Experience in actually resolving difficult commercial disputes is the best teacher for any legal counselor.
Review and revision of an existing or proposed contract document and/or development of new contract templates for use with sale of goods and/or services.
Review and revision of an existing purchase order (PO) document and/or development of a new PO template for use with purchase of goods and/or services, or procurement of supplies and/or subcontractors.
Customized equipment rental agreements to facilitate warranty or repair service and/or maintenance of a rotable pool.
Development of short form business teaming arrangement such as a marketing alliance, memorandum of understanding (MOU) or a project specific pre-bid teaming agreement anticipating a prime/sub or joint venture structure.
Development of confidentiality agreements (NDA) for use with customer/partner, vendor/subcontractor, or facility visitor interactions.
Development of a standard indemnification provision with alternate versions for use in possible negotiations.
Technology licenses for use with sale or distribution of proprietary company information including trademarks, copyright protected materials and/or products
Preparation of website terms of use and other website documents accessible to customers, such as warranty terms and conditions and return policies.