Legal Services
Litigation &
Risk Management

Years of legal practice and decision making on hundreds of real cases results in judgment.  The costs associated with managing litigation and purchasing insurance justify efforts to reduce costs and exposures by careful application of best practices related to claim administration, counsel selection, document retention and other loss prevention techniques.
Assessment and pursuit of claims involving commercial disputes, personnel and employment issues, environmental matters, product liability claims, property damage and personal injury claims and governmental administrative matters.
Management and prosecution of litigation as well as other methods of alternative dispute resolution. Perform periodic independent review and reporting on outside counsel activities.
Development of document retention policies for paper files and electronic information.
Draft, review and negotiate settlement and release agreements for claims and litigated matters.
Advise regarding the selection of outside counsel for particular needs or specialty areas of practice. Review of billing practices and development of case strategies and settlement offers.
Conduct insurance broker selection process and assist with final evaluation of proposed policies, coverage and premiums.
Customized basic contract, contract management and loss prevention training.