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Environmental &
Real Estate Law

Ground truth, actual field and technical experience, is essential to fully appreciate the risks associated with environmental exposures. Bringing that experience to the drafting of contract documents strengthens the ability to identify and allocate the risks that confront environmental consultants, remediation contractors, property owners, tenants and those who access their facilities.
Management of environmental consultants and related professionals in the performance of site investigations and remediation projects.
Review of available records and reports to identify data gaps and unresolved issues of concern to management and potential purchasers.
Preparation and negotiation of terms of service for use by environmental professionals, laboratories, drilling contractors, remedial contractors, health, safety and other specialty service consultants.
Evaluation and resolution of environmental and real estate related claims and disputes, including landlord / tenant and insured / uninsured matters.
Draft, review and negotiate real estate leases and purchase / sale agreements for landlords and tenants.
Development of site and facility access and use agreements.