Legal Services
Corporate Transactions

Delay is often a deal killer. Understanding the corporate landscape from both sides of a transaction is the key to getting deals done smoothly and swiftly. Experience in all of the phases of a typical transaction, from due diligence to drafting and negotiation of documents, will accelerate closing by providing the creativity to resolve difficult issues as they arise.
Preparation or review and revision of a proposed offer letter for use in the purchase or sale of a business, product line or selected assets.
Assistance with preparations for due diligence associate with a pending sale – “Seller’s” due diligence. Managing due diligence as part of an acquisition, especially the legal (contracts and litigation), human resources, insurance, environmental, intellectual property and risk management aspects of the process – “Buyer’s” due diligence.
Drafting concise, easy to read, documents appropriate to the size of a transaction and the associated risks. Ready to negotiate as directed to facilitate a prompt closing while at the same time work as a member of the team to accomplish objectives.
Assist with decision making regarding the selection of a corporate form and follow-up with the details often required to finalize filings and registrations.
Specialist in the often difficult and sensitive process of integrating a new business or product line into an existing organization, especially with regard to contract, litigation, environmental and risk management issues.