Business Law Training

Most companies have a solid understanding of the technical skills necessary to perform their day to day work. Companies succeed because their personnel are experts in their field and execute their work with great skill and judgment. But despite this expertise, most managers and staff need help navigating the legal landscape in which they operate their business. They often recoil at the thought of reading and understanding the basic obligations that are contained in their own service contracts, purchase orders and confidentiality agreements. As a result, many managers simply sign these documents without a careful review, file them in a drawer, and hope for the best.

The good news is that you can easily raise your game and outperform your competition. By applying just a few hours of effective business law training, you can improve your ability to communicate effectively with your legal advisors and help keep contracts from getting stuck on the corner of a desk. You can both accelerate your transactions and better manage your risk exposure.

This Business Law Training program is designed to meet your needs by offering a concise, user-friendly suite of modules covering some of the core issues faced by technology based businesses on a daily basis. You can select an in-person program at your facility, a custom webinar, or access online versions of the modules 24/7. The flexibility of the program is designed to adapt to your objectives and needs.

The Business Law Training program is appropriate for all, but targeted especially for those who engage in sales or contracting activities or may come in contact with client information as part of their scope of duties.

Each module is between 25 and 35 minutes (plus time for questions, if presented in person or via a webinar). A customized program including all three modules can be presented at your facility in about three hours. A single module is perfectly suited to a “brown bag” or company supplied “lunch and learn” program of only one hour.


Training Modules:

*All modules include a business license to use handouts and other related productivity tools.  Volume pricing is available beyond the first ten company participants.